Search and Select Courses
From the Main Feed screen, tap the "New Round" button on the bottom bar to open the "Select Course" section. 

Now you can select a course under any of the 3 tabs: courses Nearby, courses organized by Countries, and courses you have Recently played. 

You can also tap the Search icon at the top right hand corner to do a Global Search. 

Once you have located your course, tap the "OUT" and "IN" button to select the Out course and In course respectively, then tap the "Tee Box" button to choose a set of tees. 

Once setup is complete, tap the "Start" button to proceed.
Course Mapping Request: New Course
If a course doesn't show up in the Select Course section or under Global Search, 
tap on the "Settings" icon at the top right hand corner and select "Request Course" to send us an email.
Course Mapping Request: Course Update
If you find that a course's par is incorrect or not updated, tap on the "Edit" button at the top right hand corner of the "Scorecard" section. 

If the tee, stroke index or other information is not updated, follow the "Course Mapping Request: New Course" procedure.

* Note
The email should contain the following information: a photo of the scorecard, the course name, and the country of the course.


What is Photo Scoring?
The Photo Scoring service digitizes your paper scorecard to your smartphone.
How to use Photo Scoring
Take a picture of your paper scorecard and upload to Photo Scoring. 

Your results will be available in a few hours. 
(it may take a little longer sometimes)