The purchased Smart Marker does not work even after app installation.
The purchased Smart Marker can be used only after connecting with the "Golfwith: GOLF GPS" app.
To connect, launch the App > Settings[ ] > Smart Marker Registration menu and press the "Search[]" button, wait for “Searching []” to appear, then briefly press the Smart Marker button once. When the 'Device detected' notice is displayed, wait about 4-seconds then press and hold the Smart Marker for approximately 1-second.
When registering the Smart Marker, registration fails even when the button is pressed.
During registration, the first button press must be done briefly, then the second button press must be held for approximately 1-second for the registration process to operate properly.
To see if the button is working properly, check the number of LED flashes as follows:
 - Pressing the marker button once will flash the button’s LED one time,
 - Pressing the marker button for approximately 1-second will quickly flash the button’s LED 3-times.
"Please turn on your location services." I receive a voice guide , even with the smartphone GPS turned on.

Even with your smartphone GPS turned on, if the GPS location button is turned off on the GOLF GPS app, you will receive this message.

After setting up your round, press the button[]   located at the lower left corner of the map screen to activate the location button[]  .

The voice guide starts 2-3 seconds after pressing Smart Marker button.

If the Bluetooth connection is temporarily unstable, sometimes the input signal will be received late and the voice guide may be delayed.

If the connection is unstable, you can improve the network connection by narrowing the distance between your smartphone and the Smart Marker to within 10m or by removing the smartphone from your pocket or bag.

I am an Android user. During my round, I get a voice guide "Please go to Tee box"

If the location of the registered smartphone is next to the cart road or near the rough of another hole, the app may not recognize the current hole and start the voice guide.

To get the distance and shot tracking information from that location, please use the "Golfwith: GOLF GPS" app’s map screen to track your distance and shots.

If the current location of the smartphone is incorrect to the hole, please send the information to to correct the hole information.

The Smart Marker does not function while in use.

Due to the nature of some smartphone OS, if there is no Bluetooth activity for more than 5 minutes, the Bluetooth will be automatically disconnected.

In this case, please restart the "Golfwith: GOLF GPS" app to restore the connection.

If the Smart Marker button is not recognized, please re-register the Smart Marker.

A registered Smart Marker has been automatically unregistered.

The Smart Marker can only be registered and used on a single smartphone.

If the marker is registered on a different smartphone, it will be automatically unregistered from the original smartphone.

If the marker has been unregistered, it can be re-registered using the Smart Marker. If the Smart Marker cannot be re-registered, please contact

The voice guide continuously repeats itself when the Smart Marker is pressed once.

If the Bluetooth connection is temporarily unstable, the signal is re-sent to obtain accurate guidance.

Occasionally, you will repeatedly receive the signal and be guided continuously.

You can edit and delete the shot information on the "Golfwith: GOLF GPS" app if the shot tracking is recorded two consecutive times.

There is a difference between the distance indicated by the marker and the distance shown on the screen.

If you are actively moving or the GPS accuracy of the smartphone drops, the GPS location data will change rapidly, resulting in a slight difference between the voice guidance and the distance information.

Please remain stationary as much as possible to get the most accurate distance information.

I would like to change the distance unit of the voice guide from meters to yards.
You can change the distance unit of the voice guide with the "Golfwith: GOLF GPS" app. Changing the distance unit will change all distance units within the app.
You can change the distance from meters to yards by "launching the App > Setting [] > Unit" menu.
What is a Smart Marker?

The Smart Marker is the first of its kind in the Golf GPS distance measuring arena.

Being a little larger than a quarter, it will activate commands from your smartphone with ease such as

distances to the center of the green. Another command the Smart Marker commands is shot tracking.

What is good about using Smart Markers?

Here is list of benefits of using a Smart Marker:

- Easy to use

- Easy set up

- Easy to get distances to center of green.

No need to unlock smartphone to use app

- Easy to download courses

Generally less than a minute to download a course.

- No need to worry about updating firmware.

Where do I download the applications for my Smart Phone?

The application supports iPhone and Android devices and can be downloaded via the QR code on the back of the marker

(only Android version 4.3, iOS version 8 or higher is supported).

If you do not have access to QR code, you can download Golfwith: GOLF GPS app by searching Golfwith: GOLF GPS on Google Play or Apple App Store. 

Why is there no sound coming from the Smart Marker?

The Smart Markers is only a device.

Sound will come from the smart phone.

Why is there no sound coming from my Smart Phone?

If you can not hear sound from your smartphone, check the volume of your smartphone.

How do I replace the battery?

To replace the battery, remove the back cover of the marker and replace the battery.

Note -- When you change the battery, please prepare a new sticker and proceed with the replacement because the sticker peeled off for battery replacement is not reusable. Please contact for sticker purchase inquiries.

Should I use Smart Marker if it is raining?

Smart Marker should not be used in rainy conditions.

Can I attach Smart Marker to a magnetic clip attached to the cap?
Smart markers are designed to be free from magnetic fields and can be attached to magnetic clips.
Where is the shot tracked information stored?
The shot tracked information recorded by the user can be reviewed with the Golfwith:GOLF GPS application.
My golf course is not available.
Please contact
I have a defect. Who should I contact?

If the product is defective after purchasing, please follow your purchasers return policy.

Please contact us at