What features are still available if I have no access to a cellular network?
There are some functional limitations when your device is not connected to a cellular network.

However, any courses downloaded prior to play will still allow for yardage measurement.
How much data is used when downloading a single course map?
An average of 4.5MB of data is required for a 9-hole map with high quality images.

This is the amount of data required only for the map download, any additional data for operating the app is kept to a minimum.

We recommend using Wi-Fi to download the course maps.


How do I find and select courses?
From the Main Feed screen, tap the "Find" button to open the "Course" section.

Now you can select a course under any of the 3 tabs: courses nearby, courses by countries, and recently played courses.

You can also tap the search icon at the top right hand corner to do a global search.

You can only search by course names.

When you have located your desired course, tap the “↓” button to download the course map.

Once download is complete, tap the “▷” button to enter the Round Setup screen. 

The course list displays update.
The updated icon is displayed when the downloaded course has been updated. You will need to update the course in order to use the course information.
Which courses are available?
Currently, there are nearly 60,000 courses worldwide on the Golfwith Scorecard app 

and over 32,000 courses worldwide on the Golfwith Golf GPS app.

You can check for available courses by visiting  Golf Courses  page.

How do I request new courses or submit changes to current courses?
If a desired course is not found under search, tap "Request mapping".

If you encounter yardage errors during play, tap "Request" at the top-right corner of the exit round screen.

How do I configure the Round Settings?

Before starting Yardage Book, you'll need to configure the Round Settings.

1. Course Selection: If playing on an 18-hole course, you'll need to select the out course and the in course. If playing on a 9-hole course, you only need to select the in course.

2. Distance to the Green: You can set the front/center/back target locations of the green and confirm your settings on the left-side of the yardage map screen.

3. Start Your Round: Tap the "Start" button to proceed to the Yardage Book screen.


The map information on the course appears snowy or different from the actual course.

Some course information may not correctly reflect the current course due to the weather condition at the time of the satellite shooting, or the course may have been modified.

If this is the case, please let us know at and we will update the course information as soon as possible.

I cannot recognize the hole during my round.
If the location button[]   located at the bottom left of the map screen has been deactivated during your round, it will not recognize the hole. Please activate the location button[]   to enable automatic hole recognition.
I can see the street information but not the course map.

Due to network errors, the course was not downloaded correctly.

Please re-download the previously downloaded golf course to use the course map. If this issue still occurs even after the re-download, please contact

How is the target determined?

1. For par-3 holes, the green is the target.

2. For higher par holes, the target is half the distance to the green.

You can manually change the target by tapping and dragging the target position.

You can also change the target position when the map is zoomed in.

How is the tee position determined?

With the GPS turned on, the current tee position and distance to the target will be displayed.

Subsquent tee position and distance will change according to the shot distance.

With the GPS turned off, the Yardage Book's default distance will be displayed from the current position to the target.

If the GPS is switched from on to off during play, the most recent distance will be displayed from the current position to the target.

If you proceed to the next hole with the GPS turned off, the default position of the tee box will be used.

How do I move to the next shot?
Tap the "+" button at the lower-right corner of the course map to proceed to the next shot.

How do I delete a shot?
Tap the shot counter (displayed within a small circle) on the course map to delete a shot.

How do I change club selection?

Tap the shot counter (displayed within a small circle) on the yardage map to select the club for the shot.

You can also use this method to change the club selection at any time.

You can add or delete clubs by going to My Settings > My Clubs.

How do I move a shot?
Tap the shot counter (displayed within a small circle) on the course map to move your shot.

How do I change the unit of distance?
You can change the unit of distance from "meters / kilometers" to "yards / miles" by going to Main Settings > Units.

What is the Shot History?

Tap the square icon on the yardage map to access the Shot History.

The Shot History allows you to compare your shot records on the current round with the shot records from the previous round.

What is available on the options screen?

Options are available on the top-right corner of the yardage map screen. 

On the options screen you can:

1.  Review the current date, golf course, course in play, unit of distance, and distance to the green.

2. Pause or stop the round.


What is My Round?

My Round allows you to review the records of all the rounds saved on the yardage map.

You can review the Yardage Book's record of saved rounds and also modify the shot tracking information. 

Why does My Round display recorded and unrecorded scorecards?

If you use Golfwith Scorecard app to record your scorecard, the score, the golf club and the date of play will be displayed.

The scorecard is displayed to the left of the screen.

Pressing the scorecard will allow access to the shot tracking feature to record a new scorecard on the yardage map.

The Scorecard app can be downloaded on the exit round screen.