GOLF GPS Voice Smart Marker

Hear the distance to the green and
track the shot history with Smart Marker


Hear the distance to the green and track the shot history via remote device called Smart Marker.

It connects to the smartphone application and gives instant audio feedback to its user.

It is portable and affordable compare to the current GPS products in the market.

  • Instant Audio Feedback

    After connecting with the Golf GPS app, the device will command your phone to speak the remaining distance to the green. via Golfwith App : Golf GPS Voice

  • Shot Tracking

    You can review your shot history via Golfwith Plus App : Golf GPS

  • Ball Marker

    It can be used as a ball marker. mini size (35mm x 3.4mm)

  • Water-Resistant

    Smart Marker is water-resistant and very appropriate to use it as a ball marker on the field. Able to protect against water spray(IP64)



  • Instant Audio Feedback

    With one click, you can hear the remaining distance to the green from your smartphone. You can use Golf GPS Voice & Golf GPS

  • Shot Tracking

    With one second hold, you can start the tracking feature on your smartphone. you can use Golf GPS

  • +40,000 golf courses

    With Golfwith : Golf GPS Voice App and Golf GPS App smartphone application, you can enjoy over 40,000 golf courses worldwide.


Easy and convenient features help the round by GOLF GPS VOICE App.

Register Smart Marker
Please turn on the bluetoothWhen you see the above screen,press the button on the MARKER
Screen will change once the SMART MARKER is registered
How to Play
Just go to the first teeand you will be ready to play
Press the button 1 timeyou can get the remaining distanceof ther current hole
Battery Save Mode
By turning on Battery Save Mode,the screen brightness will be dimmed.
Press the volume buttonto unlock the Battery Save Mode
Quickly search
If you rotate the bezel to the leftor right side quickly on the SearchMenu, displays a list of the index. You can find the golf course quickly through this index function.
Adjust hole order manually
If you want to change the golfhole manually, just doing rotationto the bezel. Our intuitive UI canbe available to change the holemanually when you want to do.
Play Information
Changing of metric is too easybetween meters and yards. Whenyou use Smart Caddie on the golffield, just click on the right sidebutton. Also, you can checkinformation of current GPScondition and battery remainingeasily.


Product :
GOLFWITH : Smart Marker
Bluetooth 4.0 :
Bluetooth Low Energy
Processor :
32bit ARM Cortextm MO
Chipset :
Running time :
365 days
Power Source :
Coin-type lithium Battery (CR2016/3.0V)
Supported smartphone :
Android 4.3 or higher / iOS 8.0 or higher
Supported Course :
USA- over 25,000 /World over 36,000
Radius :
10m (May vary with smartphone used)
Size :
35mm x 3.4mm(Lx H)
Weight :
5g (0.18 oz)